Friday, September 3, 2010


So I've been limited to what I can wear lately. I swear I live in yoga/activewear capris. (enough to have already worn some holes in the inner thighs boo!)

Anyhow, I figured it was time for a new pair so I headed to Ross. After looking and bit and debating on if I should try a small size I picked up a Large in . My old ones were getting a little baggy and a XL.(old navy)

On my way back to the dressing room I passed 1x shirts. While looking through them I figured I'd try a size smaller. Not finding anything I liked I walked back to the fitting room.

While I was walking back I found this super cute top. Sadly it was a medium. For giggles and to see how much more I had to lose I brought it in.

Tried the pants on and felt great! They're a little tight in my 'mom pooch' area, but will fit amazingly in another -10 pounds so I grabbed those right up for only $12.00, then tried on a cute sweater but decided not to get it since it was an XL and by the time I get to Iowa I should be smaller.

I put the top on and almost yelped. It fit!!! I little snug but I should fit into it more and more comfortably in no time!!! Best of all, 9.99 :D

Eeek!!!! A large in bottoms (stretch) and a MEDIUM in that style of tops. Needless to say I've been in cloud 9 all afternoon.

To top it off my scale said 214 this afternoon. That's 36 pounds down, 15 more until 51 pounds lost and 199.0 lbs.

Picture or it didn't happen :D.

I can also fit into an old vest I loved so much. XL Cato. (blame the boobies. ) ;)

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